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AppWords is an in-app assistant and preemptive mobile search SDK, and will boost your app session times and lift conversions. Yup.

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Beyond the Search Box

The AppWords Assistant lives inside of your app, anticipates what your users will want to find next, and helps them discover other great things inside your app.

Easily Increase App Session Times

Utilize artificial intelligence to delight your users, in whatever way makes sense for your app experience. An assistant right out of the box, within one awesome SDK.

Train Your Assistant To Reach Your Goals

Your KPI is to increase app session times. That's what we're here for! Use the AppWords portal to train your Assistant to ensure that your goals are being met. Refine the quality of results, highlight and promote whatever you choose- the Assistant is there to help you and your users.

An Assistant For Every App

Built on Deeplink's rock-solid platform

Increase engagement and overall app session time. The AppWords Assistant will help keep happy users inside your app, which helps you make more money. Or more engagement. Either way, all good.

AppWords Assistant is a white-label cards UI, and a beautiful addition to any app. Users will enjoy the familiar feel of the cards UI, and you'll be able to match their actions and intents to other great stuff inside your app.

Your AppWords Assistant learns user preferences, and provides a more helpful and pleasant experience. And best of all updates can be done on the fly, so no need to wait for app store updates to tweak and train!

Want to increase app session time and conversions? We got you covered.

Get Started Now

AppWords is available through CocoaPods. To install the SDK, simply add the following line to your Podfile: pod "AppWords"