Give your users options & link to other apps

AppWords lets you know what other apps are on your user's phone, and serves relevant deep links at the exit point.

Movie tix

Add Functionality

Add awesome features and product extensions for your users without taking away focus from your core functionality. Let your users seamlessly flow to other apps that they love.

Unlock Great Partnerships

AppWords helps you dynamically connect with other premium apps, driving qualified traffic and engagement back into your app.

Improve Your App UX

Make your app better, embed yourself in your users' habits, and create a better overall user experience.

Deeplink will keep your existing users coming back to your app, driving up sessions and LTV.

It's crazy-simple...

  1. Integrate the SDK and show your users deep links to other apps on their phone.
  2. Display links on any page you choose (perhaps common exit points like order confirmation pages).
  3. Each time someone clicks on a link, you will get paid with links back into your app, or sweet, sweet cash.

Acquire Intent-based Quality Traffic



Your existing app users spend more money per session. A re-engaged user spends almost 3x as much as a newly acquired user.



Your app converts higher than every other medium. So logic dictates that your profits increase exponentially as you drive more app usage.



You are limited in tools to drive your users back in. Push notifications only work so well, and retargeting is expensive and not always effective.