We offer simple, feature-based pricing tiers. That means no contract or cancellation clauses. Just pay for what you need.

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No matter which tier you need, you'll get some crazy-great app engagement features:

Single links to rule them all!

Smart routing for all platforms: iOS, Android, web and app store fallback)

Seamless integration with email marketing softare

Route clicks from new users to either web content or the app store

Beautiful Online portal for app management

In-depth analytics

Able to handle loads and loads of traffic easily

We play super nicely with your attribution platform

For each dollar you spend, you get $1 credit toward AppWords

Daily Dashboard Email

Full documentation and dev support for all platforms

Translation rules! (These are cool, we promise)

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You've got questions?
We've got you covered... Check it out, and if we missed something, let us know!

Will my app work with


How will I know when my budget cap is approaching?

Two ways... First, you can log into our portal to get the latest and greatest update. We will also send you email reminders to keep you up to speed!

What happens once my cap is hit for the month?

We don't want to mess with your links... So once your cap is hit, the links will just redirect to your homepage.

Do I have to pay to use

Nope. We offer up to 100 clicks per month for free to test out our deep links and get started. The Starter and Pro tiers offer more advanced features and some super cool tools to make your deep links sing.

What features do I have access to in the free tier vs the paid tiers?

Deep linking is awesome. And we think that everyone who utilizes our platform should be able to leverage the many deep linking tools we offer. Right after you sign up, you’ll get a free 30 day trial of a Pro account, giving you access to every platform feature, including deeper analytics (per-link, by translation rule, etc.), editable launcher pages, attribution postbacks, and unlimited clicks for the month! After the trial, you’ll revert to our Free tier (100 free clicks per month, some limited reporting), or you can choose to upgrade to our Starter tier (many of the features of Pro, with a volume cap of 5k clicks/month) or back to our Pro tier.

When will my credit card be charged?

Good question! If you upgrade during your free 30 day trial, we won’t process your first credit card transaction until the Trial concludes. Then we will charge you every month after that on that day. Otherwise, we will process your transaction when you upgrade, and every month after that on that day.

Will my email tracking and UTM codes cooperate with

They certainly will! The platform will pass all of that data into the end medium (app or web) untouched.

Do you work with attribution platforms for tracking?


Do you guys support Twitter Cards?

We do! More info here

Do you guys offer any tools for creating re-engagement from my existing users, or helping to drive value from my app content?

We thought you'd never ask!!! Our AppWords is exactly what you need!

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