What is Deeplinking?

(v.) Mobile deep linking is the ability to link into a specific page or function inside of a native app, making an app linkable just like a web site.

All the cool kids are doing it: Urban outfitters Shazam Draft kings Wework
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Why should you use Deeplink?

Deeplink is a full deep linking platform, offering the easiest way to drive users to the inside pages of your app, by simply pre-pending your existing links with 'deeplink.me/’.

And it's absolutely FREE TO START, and there's a Pro Tier for deeper analytics and higher volume.

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Rock Solid Routing

Super easy to get your first deep link up and running!

  • Check No SDK required
  • Check Translation rules
  • Check One link for iOS and Android
  • Check Pass parameters through
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Tons + Tons of Analytics

Beyond routing, see how each of your deep links are performing

  • Check Broken down by platform, geo, refs, browser
  • Check Attribute persistent deep links and installs
  • Check Daily stats emails
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Have your deep links found on AppWords

Beyond routing through us, you can make your deep links findable by all the other apps on the AppWords network

  • Check Increase app engagement
  • Check Find contextually relevant deep links for your app expression
  • Check Monetize your experience with banner ads
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Why Routing Analytics tour Appwords


We've built the link structure for the native web, and we love all you developers who join us on this mission.

Dev-friendly documentation

Our documentation is geared toward those who code... Not those who market (no offense to marketers, we love you too, but differently).

Native URL router provided

If your app doesn't support deep linking yet, our router will make it so.

Translation rule based

Do your app URL paths look totally different than your web URLs? We got you, boo! Our translation rules will do the conversions on the fly. Done and done.

Free webinars support

We peg ourselves somewhere between "somewhat competent" and "kinda smart..." Check out our webinars and judge for yourself.

Clients Testimonials

We love the flexibility we get from Deeplink and are planning on running more mobile exclusive offers in the near future, which we definitely wouldn't be able to execute without the deeplink.me platform. The ease of using variable deep link structures enable us to maximize app engagement, ultimately driving users to our highest converting platform.

~ Samantha Blatz, Marketing Retention Manager @ Thrillist Media

Deeplink has saved us countless development hours by offering an easy-to-integrate technology that enables PeerSpace customers to share listings with a single link across our iOS marketplace and website. Their customer support has been superb and we look forward to continuing to grow together.

~ Jeanine Johnson, CTO @ PeerSpace.com

Deeplink allows us to seamlessly deliver our users to the most relevant parts of the app experience so they can save time & money while shopping with us.

~ Will Fong, Co-Founder & CTO @ Boxed

Deeplink has made our cross platform app engagement seamless across the many different devices our customers are using, thereby making our web-to-app experience far richer and easier to understand.

~ Jordan Mendell, Head of Mobile @ DraftKings

Deeplink.me solves a huge problem for gametime.co/app - we get to send users to the right experience at the right time. It simply delivers the best experience in the business for our fans.

~ Brad Griffith, CEO @ Gametime

Deeplink has been great in helping us engage with our ever-growing segment of mobile users

~ Anson Tsui, CTO @ SpoonRocket