• Deep Link Into Your App

    Make your app pages link-able and accessible with deep links. Deep links are URLs for the inside of your app.


  • Think Beyond The Install

    Tons of people have already installed your app. Deeplinks will re-engage them and bring them back in.


  • Measure and Convert

    Fact: your app drives higher ROI. Deeplink offers robust analytics to track the performance of your links, and the value being created.


Why use Deeplink instead of building it myself?

Because we offer more than simple deep links. With the Deeplink platform you'll be able to build intelligent links that route to your app (on every platform), and also support engagement analytics, and custom fallbacks, and translation rules, and Twitter Cards, and persistent deep linking,  and a full stack of native app retargeting features, and facilitate discovery by search engine crawlers.

Call us when you realize how much work you just saved your team from doing. 


Our Awesome Customers.

These guys (and thousands of others) are all deep linking. Shouldn't you be, too?

As seen in:

"That could prove beneficial to mobile app developers who often have a hard time getting users to open their app after the first install."

"How Deep Links Could Revolutionize Mobile Advertising"

"Deep linking in apps: A new form of engagement?"

"I don't know about you, but at first glance, Deeplink doesn't feel like just another startup to me. It feels like a, and pardon me for the awful word, revolution in the world of mobile apps and their distribution. This feels like a new language of sorts, the kind that every app developer should and will adopt."


We've built the link structure for the native web, and we love all you developers who join us on this mission.

Dev-Friendly Documentation

Our documentation is geared toward those who code... Not those who market (no offense to marketers, we love you too, but differently).

Native URL Router Provided

If your app doesn't support deep linking yet, our router will make it so.

Translation Rule Based

Do your app URL paths look totally different than your web URLs? We got you, boo! Our translation rules will do the conversions on the fly. Done and done.

Free Webinars and Support

We peg ourselves somewhere between "somewhat competent" and "kinda smart..." Check out our webinars and judge for yourself.


Deeplink-ify your email marketing, mobile ad campaigns, social links, and more!

Landing Pages for Ad Campaigns? Your app!

You're already spending marketing budget in mobile ad networks, but only driving traffic to your mobile website!

Replace your landing page URL's with a Deeplink link, and automatically enhance your mobile ad campaigns!

Your highest-converting user is dropped to the lowest-funnel position. BOOM!



Bring your highest-value customers back into your app with dynamic creative units targeted to them.

  • User has your app installed, almost buys BLUE SHOES, but leaves app

  • We create unique, dynamic creative featuring BLUE SHOES

  • We serve the unique creative to user while they are in other apps

  • User clicks, and app opens right to cart with BLUE SHOES already added



The platform is free to start, and we charge only for high click volumes.
There are no contracts or cancellation clauses. Just pay for what you need.

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Over 1M Clicks


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Over 5M Clicks


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All Features Included!

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No matter which pricing tier you need, you'll get all the same great features! All Deeplink accounts are the same, and pricing is purely volume based.


Deeplink is a tight-knit team, passionate about mobile, engineering, app engagement, deep linking and all sorts of fun things.

Noach Magedman

VP Engineering

There is an age old adage in the company: "Everything is Noach." And oh boy is that true. Noach keeps everything running, and we love him for that. His wife doesn't love us as much as a result.

David Jacobson

Chief Mathematician and Data Scientist

David is a Cambridge-trained mathematician, who uses his superpowers to solve any hard problem thrown at him. We call him the 'guru', with good reason. He also *thoroughly* enjoys proving to us how more even numbers exist than all the integers. All of them.

Amit Attias

Senior Client Engineer

Amit is a full stack engineer. Coming from the redacted elite intelligence unit in the IDF, Amit can't even tell us about all the cool stuff he has done. Amit can bang out an Android SDK, an iOS app, throw up a Hadoop cluster, without blinking. But that might be from the Coke Zero.

Vadim Vakhovsky

Senior Server Architect

Vadim works on Noach's dream team. Previously at Frog Design, Vadim brings the skills and experience necessary to keep our back-end running while helping different teams get their initiatives online. Like jumping out of the plane and assembling the parachute on the way down.

Noah Klausman

VP Business Development

Noah develops business, and he means business. He powers the ecosystem, making sure we have the right partnerships to grow. Noah works from our NYC office, and is fueled primarily by fruit snacks and coffee.

Ana Gomes

Lead Designgineer

Bridging the gap between engineers and eyesight. Also, is named "Ana", therefore qualified to be our designgineer

Itamar Weisbrod

Co-Founder, CEO

Mobile fanatic, possessor of incurable itch to build awesome things. Inventor of the first custom lock screen for Android. Tweeter and Tumblrerr. Always happy to help with a Canadian smile.

Avi Elias

Chief Operating Officer

Mobile entrepreneur and workaholic, still hasn't gotten over CBGB's closing. Definitely a dog person. His recipe for rocky mountain oysters is beyond compare.

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